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Some of our unanswered questions involve the usual difficulties of genealogy: the lack of information and inadequate or unavailable sources. Some of the most intriguing questions relate to old photos left by Libbie Landman Levin and Marie Landman Bernstein. Most of the photos were labeled or at least recognizable to living relatives, but some had no or minimal identifying information. Here are some of those photos and the few facts we have on them:


Shortly before she died, Libbie Landman Levin mentioned a cousin named Tillie Blackman. We assumed the mother above is Tillie, but we were not certain about how she was related to Libbie. The photo at right, taken by a Chicago photographer on June 6, 1919, lists the Blackman boys: Philip, 7, Harold, 5, and Marcus, 9. What was Tillie's maiden name? Thanks to census records, we now know it was Harrison. Tillie's husband was Isaac Blackman (originally Blachman). In the 1940s, a Philip Blackman was the cantor of B'nai Zion Congregation, 1447 Pratt Blvd., Chicago, and performed professionally as an opera singer in Chicago and New York. If you are related to this family, please contact us by clicking here.

Jacob and Max Zernes.

Harry Levin and Anne Zernes Levin at their wedding.

Marie Landman (center above) stands between "Aunt Zernes" (left) and Bea Zernes. The Zernes were related to Michel Mayer Gordon. They were also related to a Gittleson family. In addition to the Zernes photos at right, we also have ones of Anne Zernes Levin with two children, Dorothy Zernes with one child and a much earlier close-up photo of Matilda Zernes.  If you are related to this family, please contact us by clicking here.
Who are these people at right? We don't know whether they were relatives or friends of the families. We have names for some of them. If you know who they were and how they were related to our families, please let us know by clicking here.

Abraham Feingold

Uncertain: Can anyone confirm this is Arthur Schwarts, Harry Levin's first cousin?

Richard ?

? Rochenberg

Kalmen Weitz

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