Announcement of a 1908 wedding


A newspaper edited by Reform Rabbi Moritz Spitz in St. Louis, Mo., The Jewish Voice, which characterized itself as "a weekly newspaper devoted to the cause of Judaism and of the Jewish People," included this notice on page 2 of its May 8, 1908, edition. (Bracketed items and paragraph breaks have been inserted for clarity.):


"The wedding of Miss Martha Daust and Mr. Henry Fischer was solemnized last Tuesday a week ago [April 28, 1908] at Rebman's [caterers at 4312-4314 Olive St.], the Rev. A. [Adolph] Rosentreter [rabbi of B'nai Amoona, which was Orthodox at the time] performing the ceremony and pronouncing the benediction. Miss Bianca Daust, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. Mr. Joseph Knoch [first cousin of the groom] was best man, and a brother of the bride, Mr. Martin Daust was usher.


"After the ceremony a banquet was served and Mr. Ludwig Knoch [first cousin of the groom] acted as a toastmaster. A number of telegrams were received after which dancing was enjoyed.


"Among those present were Messrs. and Mesdames S. [Salo] Daust [the bride's father], Abe Slupsky [the groom's brother-in-law], Ludwig Knoch [groom's first cousin], Sam Kober [groom's first cousin], M. Maizner [husband of groom's first cousin], M. Gelefsky, Max Gans, Finkelstein, C. Vincent and Marglous [former business partner of bride's uncle Adolph Daust]; Mesdames E. Fisher [Fischer, the groom's mother], Weiskopf, Knoch, Romansky and Rosenstein; Misses Bianca Daust [bride's sister] and Marglous; and Messrs. Martin Daust [bride's brother], Leopold, Joseph and Louis Kober [previous three, groom's uncle, cousin and uncle, respectively], Joseph Knoch [groom's first cousin], Baumgartner and many others."





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